I just sent my story trundling through the tubes to EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. I also bought a Tetris Lottery ticket and am about to scratch it. Wish me luck.

Debbie’s sketches capture the humour of words brilliantly 😀 This is a quote from “A Song for Mona,” a story I intend to submit to Tesseracts 16.

Today started off with me on the verge of using toothpaste as shaving cream. It’s funny how much daydreaming about your stories can affect how you function. Despite the fact that writing sometimes feels like a pet you have to take care of that turns you into a literary crazy-cat-lady, I got a bit of a material reward today. It came in the form of my first cheque from the Public Lending Rights Commission. It’s payment for my work that is available in libraries in Canada. There’s something…

Sometimes correcting what you’ve written using Dragon Dictate is like playing mad gab.

That giddy feeling Upon finishing a work greater imagined