Folds of Ice Submitted to Blood and Water

I packed my “Folds of Ice” in a cooler and sent it for consideration in the Canadian-water-conflict-focused Blood and Water anthology. Like I did for my Tesseracts submission, I bought an accompanying lottery ticket. This time, however, I will follow the tried and true ways of Lady Luck: I will only scratch it when I hear news. Note to self: it might be worth checking when the ticket expires. The intricacies of the writing business are strange and numerous, but I’m slowly catching on.

These leaps forward in my understanding of probability and superstition would not be possible without a lot of help. A huge thank you to everyone who read and commented on the story (including the EWG who read the first half): Natasha, Debbie, Thomas, Mom and Dad. It was a challenge to take the story and hack and slash it down to the word limit, but I managed to do it and still have a tight story. Being told that it felt like The Terminator was a HUGE complement.

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