The week I spent in Montreal helping out on the experiment took its toll. I was working 9 am until midnight most nights, and wasn’t sleeping very well. The last day I woke up early to check out and get packed. The flights returning home were both delayed, one due to a snowstorm in Halifax and another because we were sitting on the runway waiting for 2 hours to get de-iced. It wasn’t a big deal by itself, but all things combined I was up for close to 24 hours when I finally got into bed. I was sick and feeling horrible. I woke up the next to day to find my books hadn’t arrived, and wasn’t feeling too up for playing cello in public either.

Despite all of it I went to the book signing and just hung out with Rosemarie, Natasha and many friends who stopped by. It was a great way to relax and recuperate after a long week, and I’m really glad I dragged myself to the bookstore in spite of the fact that I felt as though everything had crashed and burned. The afternoon flew by between great conversation, laughs and company.

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