Shepherds Book Launch

I launched “Shepherds of Sparrows” on Dec. 4, 2013, at Happy Harbor Comics. It was a BLAST.

Jay, one of the co-owners, was extremely helpful getting everything organized, set up, and just in general showing support for the whole event. It’s very well set up, with a good space for someone to present and have an audience not jammed between rows of books. There’s also a projector and speakers, which I made use of to showcase a radio broadcast from the planet Monitum. On the projector I got to share the artwork of all the fantastic artists who have contributed to the vision of the project.

So many friends came out to the launch despite the terrible weather — I got to share an evening with humans I genuinely like and care about, and it was a great feeling. Time flew by as I tried to speak to everyone, and almost forgot about the whole “signing books” part. After having a bit of frustration learning the business of writing, this pleasant night was a welcome surprise, and a great way to celebrate.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and made it such a special night. Pictures are below for your enjoyment.

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