It starts with a look, a passing glance between strangers: one blazing through the cosmos at the speed of light, the other drifting slowly with its head in the clouds. The collision is unexpected but somehow inevitable, a union that promises some of the sweetness that lay beyond the rainbow. The heavier partner is excited beyond measure, active and hopeful. It never occurs to them that their marriage is borne of chance, of probability, of particle calculations drawn up on a chalkboard in a dusty old professor’s office….

This poem was written months ago at the Astro-HAL blastoff party by my good friend Brad OH. I’ve been meaning to share its simple brilliance for a while now, so without further ado… As I took a walk through space I came upon the strangest place A Comet circling a star A nebulous cross of near and far And who lived there except my pal The one and only Astro HAL. -Brad OH (