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I’m excited to reveal the cover for the next instalment of Rhonda Parrish’s Alphabet Anthologies, E is for Evil, which contains my story, “G”. Without further ado:

It’s a play on the old adage “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” perhaps slightly misleading because of how much evil is contained in the anthology’s 26 alphabetized stories. For the cover Rhonda sought a non-denominational representation of evil, and I think she and Jonathan C. Parrish (cover artist) nailed it. It’s a gripping image not immediately obvious at first glance, much like the stories in the anthology.

My story, of which I cannot give you a title aside from the letter “G”, has the feel of an old episode of the Twilight Zone. I really enjoyed writing and shaping this story into a hard-hitting fist (that’s a reference you’ll have to read the story to get). I really tried to take relatable motives and motivations, then twist them into something ugly, so that the reader is hopefully disturbed in seeing how they themselves could end up in a similar situation. This story lives in the grey area between right and wrong, and my hope is that the reveal and clarity afforded by the end will feel surprising, inevitable, and chilly.

As for the other stories in this anthology, here’s a summary from Rhonda herself:

“E is for Evil contains twenty-six individual stories which each shine a different light on the multi-faceted idea that is evil. Running the gamut from lyrical fantasy to gritty horror, in these stories possessed toys, hellish bureaucrats, scientists with questionable morals, abusive partners and even lingerie sellers all take their turn in the spotlight.”

Intrigued? Curious about how many different ways we can interpret and understand evil? The good news is the pre-orders for this book also go live today, in various nests of the Amazon, so if you’d like to guarantee yourself a copy as soon as the anthology’s available, head to the links below:

I’ll post again when the anthology’s available, along with information on launches and how to snag a signed copy.

If you’ve never heard of the Alphabet Anthologies before, they’re a series where each volume features a letter of the alphabet and a word. In each anthology, there are 26 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet, all themed around that anthology’s particular word. It’s an ambitious project started by Rhonda Parrish, who aptly describes it as “very meta”. I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure to be a part of it for both D (is for Dinosaur) & E, but there are also A, B & C available. For more information, head here.

This Sunday at Variant Edition Comics I’ll be joining author local Edmonton authors for a series of readings. You might hear a taste of my new forthcoming story in Tyche Books’ Fire Anthology: The Djinni and the Accountant. 

Time: 12-4 pm

Location: Variant Edition Comics, 10132 151 St NW, Edmonton.


The other day I got a snazzy ARC of Mrs. Claus: Not the Fairy Tale They Say. This was as a reward for winning a small competition for suggested subtitles of the anthology (so I’m responsible for the “Not the Fairy Tale They Say” part). It’s a gorgeous-looking anthology, and from the reviews it looks pretty good. I’m glad to have played a small part in it, and look forward to curling up with it sometime with a cup of lactose-free eggnog.

Thursday night (Nov 9) Roberta Bondar, Canada’s first woman in space, will be speaking at Festival Place. https://festivalplace.ab.ca/view/shows/id/1004#showtimes

Tomorrow the Alberta/Canada Fusion Technology Alliance is hosting a public forum on fusion energy, 9am-4pm at U of A.
Fusion energy is extremely clean, with bountiful fuel that releases a MASSIVE amount of energy (1 truckload of fuel would last a whole year at a power plant). But it’s very difficult to do. If we can make it viable in a reactor form, it would go a massive way toward addressing the world’s energy needs.
Registration for the Forum is free and includes a free lunch and refreshments at break times. It is targeted at a general audience of the public, students and administrators to give an overview of the status and opportunities for fusion energy.