A Staged Rescue

Staged Rescue JD

Nestor Tark, the man Di Mon entrusts with the investigation of the conflict in Shepherds of Sparrows, gets pulled in too many directions as the story unfolds. He is forced to prioritize everything that he holds dear, and as a result, he and his wife Remei are separated. Nestor is familiar with being the lone wolf, a solo crusader, so when he hears that the lynching mob has caught Remei, he doesn’t hesitate to go alone into the heart of enemy territory, back to where the story began. In this illustration by Jeff Doten, we see Nestor leap in at a pivotal moment on the amphitheatre stage. He’s not sure how he’s going to make it out alive, but he knows he can’t stand by and watch his wife get murdered.

He hopes that there is no one else there but the few guards…

Find out what happens to Nestor and his family in Shepherds of Sparrows – now available on amazon.com!

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