Astro HAL Campaign Finished!

My race to space in the Axe Apollo Contest is finally over, after 167 days with the space suit. It will likely require fumigation at this point. The results aren’t in yet, but they’ll be announced on There are way too many people to thank for their support, both in spirit and in practical matters like pie organization, but I’ll try here:

Debbie Ha for relentless support throughout the entire campaign. She’s the person not shown in almost every single picture and video. My family for rooting for me, recognizing the toll the campaign took on me, and supporting me in everything I do. Glen LaValley for his magnificent balloon art. Tyler Collins, Thanh, Linh, Jordana, for the balloon alien video. Tyler especially for his voice acting and sound editing skills (takes way longer than you can imagine). Michelle Lam for her inspiring Project 365 which sparked the idea in me. Kaitlyn Slump whose photography skills produced the featured Astro-Hal image at the end of every video (and at the beginning of this post). Jonny & J’Lyn at 92.5 Fresh FM for inviting me in for an interview. Ryan Jespersen for inviting me into an impromptu Breakfast TV appearance. Jason Halbauer for inviting me out for a subsequent later interview with the fabulous Bridget. Jordana Archer for taking pics of Astro-Hal throughout Europe, and for putting me in touch with the right people in Prince George. The folks at the TNRD in Kamloops for giving me such a warm welcome. Jennifer Stahn from InfoTel in Kamloops for a fantastic interview and article. Brittany (Zumba by Brittany) and many dancers who let me film a zumba class in an astro suit. Parson’s Shoe ReNu in Vancouver for fixing my astro boots, making them the closest to legitimate they’ll ever come. Edmonton Skydive for not only doing the skydive video, but putting me in touch with CTV afterward (Joey, you’re awesome!). Jesse Beyer for a fun interview on CTV morning, and Amanda for helping me get set up properly. My colleagues at work, especially Brian McPherson and his family. His daughter was probably tied for number one fan with my niece. Nick Rogers for donning the suit for a doppleganger shot. Jim Bauer and Dave Mailhot for doing a quadcopter scene. CFIS FM for a great interview long enough for me to really reflect on the journey. West Edmonton Mall for kicking me out before I got to walk anywhere in my space suit and space buggy (again made by the amazing Glen LaValley, who stayed up almost all night putting it together). City councellor Linda Sloan for being game to take a photo and video. Thomas McIntyre for showing up to countless events in support, including skydiving with Tyler, Natasha, and Laurelle. Brad OH Inc. ( and Joe Wimberly for organizing the Bus Hijinx and Pie Hijnx, both of which were hilarious and awesome. The epic BBQ after the pie hijinx was a great time. Thanks to Kylie, the only person brave enough to be pied by an astronaut. The writing community in Edmonton for putting up with me and supporting me relentlessly, even when I show up at book launches unrelated to space in any way whatsoever : Billie Mulholland, Barb Galler-Smith, Eileen Bell, and all of the members of the Edmonton Writers Group. My favourite author, Robert J. Sawyer, for sharing and showing his support. EVERYONE who shared content and showed their support, for I’m sure I annoyed the news feeds of everyone within 3 or 4 degrees of separation. Thanks to @ReinventingBrad on Twitter, whom I never met but supported me nonetheless. Thanks to the lovely person who left me a note on my car saying “YOU ROCK!” Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who was willing to take a photo with a wacko in a space suit with a dream.

And thank you to the guy on Whyte Ave who called me Superman after I changed out of my suit in a public phone booth.

For your enjoyment, here are all the video adventures from the journey. And if you’ve forgotten where the campaign website is, check it out here: The infamous spaceman

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