Astro HAL Campaign

(The campaign is now officially over — thank you everyone for your support!)

Wearing  a space suit everyday, reaching out to the community. Check out the Astro-HAL site for much more!

Community outreach is a huge part of being an astronaut, because astronauts are inspirational figures who show us the impossible is possible, that it’s not too far out of reach. Which is why, from this day forward until the end of the Apollo contest, I will be wearing an astronaut costume to capture one photograph with a new person every day. I will volunteer in various organizations and wear the suit where appropriate. I want to proveto the world that I care enough about humanity that you should care to send me into space. I hope to earn a bit of your trust, faith, and hopefully spark a little inspiration along the ride.


Trouble voting? Make sure you have a Facebook account, then hover your mouse just below the rank number on the Axe page. You’ll have to grant the Axe Apollo app permission in order to vote.

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