Brand New Layout & Logo

How do you like the new site? With the previous wordpress update breaking the old website template, it was time for a site revamp. There aren’t many themes out there that are suitable for authors to use, so I think we lucked out finding this one.

HF attire

This is what you should wear when interacting with HF. Keep a good 5 metre radius from him if not properly adorned with chemical face shield, chemical apron, chemical rubber gloves (check for holes!), and cleanroom bunny suit. Image from University of Alberta, Nanofabrication Facility.

The design also begged for a simple logo as a textbox with “Hal J. Friesen” seemed too lacklustre. So I came up with a monogram logo of Hal’s initials, “HJF”. Something bold with clean lines, functional and compact, maybe enclosed in a square or circle to hold it together.

I had to stay away from anything reminiscent of the periodic table (especially if the “J” is not included). The initials “HF” brings up very very very dangerous connotations for anyone who has worked with nano-etching of glass or in aluminium smelters. The CDC has a whole article on the immediate effects of associating with HF and what to do if you have been exposed to his presence. In summary, he’ll eat your bones! And leave you a nice globby mess.

I digress. Below, you’ll find a couple of ideas that I tossed around in the logo design process. The logo will also be on Hal’s new business cards. So be sure to ask him for a card the next time you see him in person. Just make sure you’re wearing your PPE and be ready to run if he spills.

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 3.55.46 PM



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