Haven Destroyed

Art by Jeff Doten.

Art by Jeff Doten.

The genetically-enhanced citizens of Monitum don’t get to enjoy the benefits of their special blood. They are hunted and ostracized, and flee to the farmhouse where Nestor’s wife Remei takes them in. She’s overwhelmed and the house is full of starving, wounded refugees. The foster children, Olivia and Pleo, are neglected and the fragile strands holding the family together threaten to snap.

It’s only when the murderous mob surrounds the house that everyone comes together, and it might be too late. In this illustration by Jeff Doten we see Nestor and Remei defending the farmhouse from the hatred and prejudice that has already spiraled out of control. It is a moment when all could be lost, and this scene determines the fate of every character in the book.

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