Honours & Credentials

In the summer of 2016, I attended and graduated from the 6-week intensive Odyssey Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing Workshop. It was a challenging and transformative experience, to say the least.

In May 2010, I was a finalist in the Murky Depths “Over to You” Mike Carey Writing Competition, which consisted of finishing a dark sci-fi story started by Mike Carey. It was really enjoyable to get into his head, and a great challenge to meet the word limit while tying up as many of the threads as possible. At many points I felt the task was unfair, because there really was over double the length in what was more of an intro, and I had to make a story out of it with very few words. In the end it was a great exercise in editing and tightening, and I’m pretty happy that I made it to the finals. You can see my entry here.

A screenshot of the Murky Depths Website