MEGAN Survival Anthology – First Singles Released

The first digital singles in a new anthology from Reality Skimming Press (RSP) are out now and available on Smashwords. RSP is releasing them weekly over the next few weeks. The stories feature some prominent Canadian authors, so if you’re looking for some good holiday reading, give them a try! (More on the setting and theme below)

The first two stories are from Nina Munteanu and Jeff Doten. You can read their respective interviews here and here.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my bias in that one of my stories is in the anthology, too. I had the pleasure of working with editor Ellen Michelle to get it into shape.

I’ve also neglected to mention what the actual anthology is about. It’s set in Lynda Williams’s Okal Rel Universe (which I’ve written in before) but happens about 1,000 years before any of the events in the main saga. Lynda can explain it better than I can:

A Note About the Colonist Mission – Lynda Williams

The verdant planet of Mega had just been discovered in a new reach, accessible from Earth, when a cataclysmic event cuts off humanity’s Alpha Colonies from their home world. Survivors will never know whether it was a natural disaster or caused by a brewing war between natural humans and the enslaved, early Sevolites based on the barren world designated GLN.

Caught in the middle of the chaos is a fleet headed to Mega to land the first colonizers. Some are lost in space. Pilots deliver the rest to Mega much more roughly than anticipated, as they succumb to madness.

Crash-landed, cut off from Earth by the disappearance of the Earth-to-Paradise jump, and unable to reach Rire without reality skimming pilots, the stranded colonists face a prehistoric wonderland burgeoning with alien life.

This is the Megan Survival Anthology set in the Okal Rel Universe roughly 1,000 years before the time of the Okal Rel Saga.

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