Sparrow at the Spaceport


In this illustration by Jeff Doten, we see the only place in Grianach District where order remains after a war has broken out along genetic lines: the spaceport. For a lonely boy experiencing drastic mental changes he can’t fathom, the spaceport provides a haven and familiar refuge from all the noise and chaos pervading the blue-green countryside of the planet Monitum.

The boy is Voltan Ald’erda, whose genius is kicking into high-gear with a burning desire to see patterns, solve puzzles, and classify everything he sees. It’s driving him crazy. These growing pains stem from his modified genetics that are at the centre of the conflict. Here we see Voltan sneaking into the spaceport his parents managed before they were murdered. Voltan desperately wants to find a way to curb the bloodshed, and to find some clarity in a world that is anything but. Though he is trying to escape, his brilliance becomes crucial in determining the future of Monitum.

Shepherds of Sparrows — coming soon in Fall 2013!

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