We Will Make Justice

children's army SM

Pleo, the middle child of the Ald’erda family, has the most radical reaction to his parents’ murder. He seethes with anger toward his father for putting them in such an ostracized position, and flounders for somewhere to direct his rage. After failing to join the mob who would have him killed, he decides he’s on the wrong side, and needs to punish the hunters who think a child’s genetic make-up is cause for execution.

Much like Olivia and Voltan, Pleo also wants his family to be brought back together — but as victors over the corpses of their enemies. Deep down, Pleo seeks justice for his parents’ death, and will do anything to bring it to fruition. He rallies other children to his cause, creating a harsh camaraderie using propaganda similar to his enemies. This epic illustration by Jeff Doten perfectly captures the dark tide as Pleo forces the child soldiers to shed their youth in order to do what’s necessary.

What will be the fate of these children? Find out in Shepherds of Sparrows — now available on Amazon!

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